Plan for your retirement now, no need to worry later

Whether you have a retirement plan in place and want to have its health checked or you are just starting out on your retirement strategy, your Artemis advisor will have access to not only the right product, but also the right information and data to be able to guide you in the correct ways of making sure that when the day does come, your retirement is all smooth sailing.

As we all know, the later you leave something, the harder it gets. But with retirement and pensions, it also gets far more expensive. It is obvious, but many assume that they will be able to carry on the lifestyle they currently have into their later years, however without proper planning and understanding, this isn’t always the case.

A vast majority of clients who have come to Artemis have brought with them portfolios which, at the time, simply would not provide enough income when they came to retire. In this instance, a hard look at the key fundamentals needs to be taken and a reestablishing of objectives and financial capacity needs to take place. This is bread and butter to Artemis as we treat wealth management and retirement planning with the same attention to detail and performance as they deserve.

The diverse background of our advisors means they have specific regional knowledge and understanding along with the luxury of having a borderless compliance department who are able to support all levels of transfers, transactions and account maintenance and tax reporting.

Without a doubt, retirement planning is a difficult task to complete alone and Artemis is here to make sure you do not have to struggle your way through the pitfalls and rabbit holes that is the retirement planning industry.

Questions to ask yourself

Ae your savings enough?

Many people start to be concerned as retirement approaches. Now is the time to check and act! Artemis advisors will assess you portfolio or plan and establish whether it is sufficient to provide you with the income you need to ensure a happy retirement

Do you have multiple pensions?

As we go through our work lives, there are always opportunities to accumulate various pensions. Managing these and ensuring they are relevant can be a stressful experience. Speak to Artemis and see whether consolidation is the right way forward.

Do you have a plan?

Having a retirement pension or portfolio is just one part of the retirement planning process. Have you taken into consideration health and care needs in your later years? Is this included within your current retirement plan?

Have you planned your estate?

It's all well and good having a retirement plan in place, but what happens if the unfortunate scenario of your early death transpires? Artemis's professional are here to help you set up your will, estate or trust for your loved ones.

Want more information?

Contact us here if you would like to know more about our retirement planning services and what we can offer in todays current financial market.

Originally established to assist expatriates access financial services in SE Asia, Artemis Investment Limited is a leading independent, boutique financial advisory firm which now caters to a global client base.

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Our Values

Client 1st, 2nd and 3rd

At Artemis, we understand that without our clients, we don’t have a business. It is from this that our “Client First” mantra has been carved.

Being an independent advisory firm allows us to break free from being tied to specific financial providers, products or banks and truly offer a service which is based on the clients needs, wants and end goals. 

Financial Planning - The Bigger Picture

A financial plan is nothing if it is executed correctly. We understand that you have worked hard for your money. Now it is time for it to work just as hard for you.

At Artemis, we look at the bigger picture, not just focusing on the here and now. Our advisors face the same financial issues as you do and are acutely aware that ensuring a plan is feasible and realistic significantly increases the chances of it reaching fruition. 

Knowledge and Integrity

Artemis prides itself on the diversity of its advisors.

With a broad spectrum of backgrounds, many of our advisors originated from the US, UK and Europe and bring with them the relevant local knowledge that can be applied on a global scale a major benefit when you are considering financial advice. 


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