Types of Investment

How to Invest

How to Invest

You may have decided to start investing, but do you know what, when, where, why and how? This is where we come in.

Portfolio Management

Asset and Portfolio Management

Fixed or Variable. Long or Short Term. We have a vast array of products and services which can help you manage not only your wealth but your future.


Retirement Planning

Retirement is all about planning and establishing a strategy that is both effective and feasible. Our experts are here to explain how to achieve this.

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Originally established to assist expatriates access financial services in SE Asia, Artemis Investment Limited is a leading independent, boutique financial advisory firm which now caters to a global client base.

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Sophisticated Products, Managed Safely

Everyone wants a secure and happy financial future and one of the best ways to ensure this is to invest, strategically, over time and in companies or products you believe in. Investments do not necessarily have to be risky and it is our remit to ensure you are always within your comfort levels.

Artemis does not predict the future; we do not guess what will happen in the markets or with interest rates. What we do do is believe in our advisor’s ability to manage our clients’ investments sensibly and to ensure that any market fluctuations are understood, prepared for or dealt with.

Being independent means, we have a range of investment vehicles which can be deployed at will and when suitable. If you are looking for capital appreciation, we have opportunities within the IPO market which have seen significant uptake over the last couple of years. If you are looking for capital preservation, our access to the best performing global funds is second to none. Diversification is at the centre of all our portfolios and we know through experience that is this tactic is at the forefront of any wealth building exercise, your capital is always as secure as possible.

If you choose to invest via Artemis, you will not be left behind once you have have taken that first step. Regardless of experience but defined by your own request, our advisors will take the time to keep you in the loop and up to date on all aspects of your investment or portfolio performance, ensuring consistent level of service and performance many clients have come to appreciate.


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