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Investing is not straightforward, no matter what anyone says. First and foremost, you need to decide whether you are looking to establish a regular, monthly contribution to your investment plan or whether larger lump sum investing is more suitable to your circumstances. Each method can be just as successful as the other, it will solely depend on your situation and objectives. Our advisors are here to help you establish which route is best for your current requirements and can always make suitable adjustments when necessary.

The most likely outcome from speaking to one of our advisers is that a combination of the two is employed on a as and when available basis. As we have said, we do not pretend to predict the future, but we are experts at navigating the present and understanding what is coming ahead. What is important is that the plan that is put in place, is pertinent and is achievable.

Speak to one of our experienced and qualified independent advisers about the right investment solutions for you.

Which option best suits your current circumstances?


Monthly Investment

• Most people are employees and are paid monthly, so it makes sense to set money aside every time you get paid.
• Regular premium plans offer the easy discipline of money being paid to a plan automatically, before you can spend it on something else.
• No risk of forgetting a payment.
• No need to worry about fluctuations as you drip-feed into markets, known as dollar cost averaging.
• Low premiums so a great way to get started.
• No need to save for ages before you can get started.
• Choice of investment terms to suit your needs.
• Good choice of investment funds that can be tailored to suit personal preference.
• Ongoing management means your money is looked after. 

Lump Sum

Lump Sum Investment

• If you have already accumulated cash, you can invest a lump sum, from as little as $5,000 to $20,000.
• No need to commit to making regular payments so useful for those who receive irregular income, commission or bonuses.
• Option to make further investments as and when suits you.
• Good choice of investment funds that can be tailored to suit personal preference.
• Ongoing management means your money is looked after. 
• Larger sums give a bigger choice of investment funds, up to 80,000 options in some cases.
• You can benefit from tax-efficient structures.
• More discipline may be required to achieve savings goals as the onus is on the individual to make payments.
• Flexibility of withdrawals.
• Less administration can mean lower costs. 

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