Who we are:

Originally established to assist expatriates access financial services in SE Asia, Artemis Investment Limited is a leading independent, boutique financial advisory firm which now caters to a global client base.

Based in Hong Kong for the last 60 years, we have adapted our services to account for the financial world in the 21st Century. We are a borderless company whose staff come from a variety of backgrounds but are united by one attribute, customer focus and objectives above all else

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Financial advisory services for the 21st Century with a sole focus on the client's objectives.

Where we can help



From simple to complex, we have a range of portfolios and strategies to suit your objectives and conform to your risk profiles.



We can assist you in planning or revamping your retirement strategy no matter what stage of the cycle you are facing.



Longer term strategies with open or fixed rates of returns. We have access to the best possible fund vehicles available globally.



Particularly for Expats, insurance is a necessity and unless dealt with professionally, can be very expensive. Our insurance experts can advise you on the most cost-effective policies .



Need to secure your businesses future? Looking for either new investment or investor services? We’ve got you covered. Cross border transactions are our specialty and we have a dedicated team ready to listen to your requirements.

Additional Services

Additional Services

We provide a range of additional services for both individuals and corporations. If you have a specific requirement, contact us

Our Values

Client 1st, 2nd and 3rd

At Artemis, we understand that without our clients, we don’t have a business. It is from this that our “Client First” mantra has been carved.

Being an independent advisory firm allows us to break free from being tied to specific financial providers, products or banks and truly offer a service which is based on the clients needs, wants and end goals. 

Financial Planning - The Bigger Picture

A financial plan is nothing if it is not executed correctly. We understand that you have worked hard for your money. Now it is time for it to work just as hard for you.

At Artemis, we look at the bigger picture, not just focusing on the here and now. Our advisors face the same financial issues as you do and are acutely aware that ensuring a plan is feasible and realistic significantly increases the chances of it reaching fruition. 

Knowledge and Integrity

Artemis prides itself on the diversity of its advisors.

With a broad spectrum of backgrounds, many of our advisors originated from the US, UK and Europe and bring with them the relevant local knowledge that can be applied on a global scale. A major benefit when you are considering financial advice. 


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